is an attempt at building a social network among all odias globally. This is build with many interesting features which we hope you will like.We are also looking forward to your feedback in making the site better.Following are some of the major functionality of the site.

Account Creation

There are two ways you can create an account here. If you already has a facebook account you can use that to create account here. Click on the blue Connect with Facebook

icon to start account creation process through facebook.It will guide you through easy steb by step process.For your security  each account has to be approved from administrator of the site.

If you do not have any facebook account you can start from the home page account creation script where you have to provide your basic information like name and email address etc. Rest of the account creation process is same as the previous one.

Forums ,Blogs ,Chat and Classifieds provide various medium to get engaged with your friends and express your thought. You can write blogs, intiate or join a discussion through various forums or have a private chat with your special one. Feel free to ask support staff to create new forum or new categories of your interest.Another feature we provide is ability to create a classified in the classified section. This section provides an ability of listing your items what other standard classified site like craigslist,yahoo classified currently do.But here it will be published among only Odia network.

Groups ,Events and Polls provide a special feature of groups and events. As a user you can create a separate private group for you and your friends. You can create events like "Ganesh Puja ", "Saraswati Puja" ,"Kumar Purnima", "Marriage"  or any other special family functions. It provide similar feature like what you can find in other generic event management site like evites etc. You can also  create events specific to your group as well.Another interesting aspect is ability to create a poll to get opinion from your friends. Get that puzzle out of your mind by creating a poll and seek opinion from others.This is a cute nice interesting tool to get valuable feedback who values a lot for you.